Still from

The Jersey Royal

Still from

Silks and Wellies

Still from

In the Trenches

The Jersey Camcorder Club has now been in existence for over 25 years.

Members currently edit using various software programmes, including Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio, iMovie and VideoPad.

Members frequently enter their films into competition in order to receive feedback and comments from neutral judges.

There have been many awards, and the most successful film made by a club member  - ‘The Jersey Royal’, by Laurie Stewart - won Best Documentary in the 1998 British International Film Festival.

The club holds an annual competition for the Best Film produced by a member during the previous year.

We hold an Annual Public Show, for friends and the public to see a representative selection of films made by members during the year.

We aim to produce a Newsreel each year depicting a summary of various noteworthy events that have taken place in Jersey throughout the year.

We have a video projector, and are thus able to show members’ films on a 6 foot or 8 foot screen.

A colourful Newsletter is published regularly, outlining past and future events.

Club members have produced many documentary films depicting local people, festivals and events, and they continue to do so.

Many of these films have been accepted by the Jersey Archive to be conserved as records for posterity.

We welcome ideas and scripts, which will allow members to create a drama or comedy film.

The most ambitious film of this nature was a 30 minute comedy - ‘Silks and Wellies’, filmed in 1996.

There are frequent opportunities for members to show films they have made to other members, and to receive their comments.

Belonging to the Club provides an opportunity to make films as a team.

Workshops are held as required, on editing and other related subjects.

Members submit their films to YouTube, and the most successful Club film on the site -In The Trenches’ has achieved over 300,000 viewings.


The Club is a affiliated to the Film and Video Institute, and holds licences regarding the use of copyright music.