Over the 20+ years that the Club has been in existence members have produced, and shown at club meetings, over 700 films, and these are listed in our archive library, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Many of these have been made in response to a ‘club project’, which is a suggestion that, on a certain evening, members bring along a film made to a specific topic, or in a particular way.

We find that setting these tasks can often stimulate members into using their camcorders in a more imaginative way. We have frequently been amazed at the variety of different films that have been produced perhaps all using the same music, or all using the same footage but interpreting it differently.

We also give members several opportunities during the year to bring along films that they have made for their own reasons.

As well as this, the club provides many opportunities for members to make films collaboratively in groups. This is frequently because one of us has received a request to make a film for a specific reason, or of a particular on-off event, which requires a variety of camera positions.