Our President, Charlie Blampied, whose 80th birthday we celebrated a while ago, regularly contributes an article for each Newsletter, and although they are not always related to filming matters, he always manages to capture a slice of life as seen from his viewpoint. He has a loyal following, and so some of his articles are reproduced here.


Where has all the summer gone (is this a cue for a song?) I hear it from friends as well as in general conversation with other people of my generation. Well, I can’t tell you either where it has gone. In fact sometimes I don’t know what day it is – or what I had for dinner yesterday – or even what to have today.


Yet I do seem to remember dates of birthdays, and when our camcorder club meets (but not always what the programme is for the evening). So the brain can sometimes get into gear. But the names of people I know are sometimes difficult to remember, and it will be hours later when they will come to me (and too late by then, of course).


I expect that’s why I can’t seem to understand this computer I’ve got. I can send and receive emails, but that’s about all. My young friend Christian, from Germany, came to visit and he showed me how to put photos in a folder – only now he’s gone and I can’t find the folder! In fact I thought I had lost the photos – but they came back by some miracle.


My garden is a mess and needs clearing to make room for new plants, but it always seems that it is either raining or showers are forecast, and the ground is wet anyhow. So I just hope to get in the garden, but then I’m always busy with other things, such as helping friends and neighbours, so I get behind with everything. But it seems I’m not alone, because most people I know say the same thing – where does the time go? Actually I don’t think it goes anywhere – it’s just that I now take longer to do things, so need to have more time available.


Here’s a thought – We’ve just had elections for our States members. Question – How do you know when a politician is lying?

Answer – When they open their mouths.




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My last Chat Page was about ‘Time’, or rather ‘How it affected me day to day’. Just recently, time again came to mind at a recent retirement of a colleague at JEC. He had been one of my apprentices, and it struck me – where has all that time gone – he was a young lad then, now he is of retiring age. He thanked me for my help, and reminded me how times have changed in the workplace.


For instance, one of my annual jobs was to light the huge Christmas tree and the stage in the Royal Square. But he said that with today’s Health and Safety rules we wouldn’t be allowed to scramble in the tree without some kind of harness, or and we couldn’t work on ladders leaning against the tree. We used to use common sense and I don’t recall anyone falling out of the tree or off a ladder. Indeed I don’t remember any kind of accident due to lack of safety precautions.


After all, although regulations are there to protect people from accidents or dangerous practices, safety is really all about common sense. But sometimes time and speed can seem more important than worrying about safety.


One reads reports from the Royal Courts of convictions for speeding or dangerous driving, also for accidents due to careless or dangerous use of machinery in the work place – usually when trying to save time. It gives one a lot to think about, and I wonder how the next generation of apprentices will compare work practices when they retire.


And to finish, here is an Easter riddle – Why wouldn’t the Easter chick cross the road? Because he was a little chicken!