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Spring 2010.
A camcorder can be a very useful tool in the right hands, but  sometimes those hands have to be on the other side of the lens. This was the case when I wanted to make a short film to put on youtube to show  my daughter in the UK how to load her new kayak on to the car. As I had to do the demonstration, partner Frank had to do the filming. So I showed him the right buttons and then did the 5 min ‘lift and shift’ act with my identical kayak. Task completed, I stood back proudly - and Frank said ’I’ve stopped it now, so the red dot has come on’. And he wasn’t joking! So we did it again .....
Apparently a friend of  my daughter emailed her - ‘Did your Mum make that vid just for you? Wow, that’s so cool!’
On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey, there were to be some major celebrations in the island, and JCC members were encouraged to take their camcorders and film any of the events with which they would be involved, so that we would have some footage to include in our proposed 2010 Newsreel.
When the Jersey Camcorder Club members agreed that we would try and put together a Newsreel of significant events happening in Jersey throughout 2010, it was thought that this would be a way of drawing members to work together, as well as being productive use of our camcorders. And indeed the project has proved quite effective in realising both those aims.

Our first decision was to choose what sort of events we wanted
to include, because Jersey, presumably like anywhere else, has a great many functions held every year. So we decided to limit it to events which were either celebrating a special anniversary, were unique to the year, or the first or last of their kind. And it was left to members to bring along material filmed on any occasion that came within those parameters. Of course, the member concerned may well have made a longer film about the subject, but we would only want a shortened version.

But how short? And how were we to tie them together? In the end we decided that the Newsreel clips could be anything from 20 seconds up to about five minutes, that each would have a ‘title page’ and that they would be tied together with a voiceover read by one person. But this would mean that the member providing the clip would have to provide suitable words for a commentary, as they would have the information on the subject matter.

And up to the date of printing this Newsletter, we have incorporated 10 sections into our finished film, which is currently 24 minutes long. We have included: a teachers protest march over proposed new conditions, the unveiling of a new Jersey pennant, the celebrations for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation, the re-opening of a cliff path, the 20th Itex Round Jersey Walk, the 150th anniversary of a Residential Home, complete with a Royal visit, the first man powered flying attempts, Jet Man’s inaugural Air Show display, the opening of a new shopping mall, and a rare occasion when the tourist site Hamptonne was re-opened.


This resulted in six members filming various events that took place in St. Helier, particularly the celebrations in Liberation Square and the Weighbridge. The actual ceremony consisted of a service and speeches, interspersed with readings and recollections of moments from the period around May 9th 1945. But the highlight was the re-enactment of the joyous moment when the British forces landed and raised the Union flag from the balcony of the Pomme d’Or Hotel, with the ‘Tommies’ giving out sweets to all the Jersey children long deprived of such luxuries, and being greeted rapturously by the adults.

Eventually the vast amount of material was sifted down to provide 5 minutes for the forthcoming club Newsreel but it seemed a shame to waste the rest of the filming, so a one hour DVD of all the proceedings recorded was also made.